Options are a convenient way to configure the default behaviour of your Wallaboard elements.

Default layout size

This is the default size of any newly created layout.
It should be set to the size of your screens; if you have screens of differnet sizes, you should set it to the most common size amongst your screens, or to the size of the screens you most frequently create layouts for.
Wallaboard will conveniently show the W:H ratio fo the size you input.

Options: layout size

Default background color

A Wallaboard powered screen will switch target in the context of a playlist sequence or a calendar schedule (or a content update).
While the new target is loaded, the underlying empty space will be visivle for a few instants. You can change the default background color (usually white) here

Options: background color

Default Idle behaviour

This is your idle screen behaviour. This is what your physical screen will show when no target is assigned to it.
This could be because the target (e.g. a layout) was removed, or because of a gap in the calendar assigned to it, or even intentionally.
You can choose to show just a blank screen, an external URL, or any of the layouts, playlists or calendars you will have created.
If a large portion of your screens have the same target, you can intentionally not assign any target to them, and instead set it as the default behaviour here.

Options: default idle behaviour