How to properly use the Weather Plugin of Wallaboard

One of the most popular plugins of included into the Wallaboard core installation is the Weather Plugin.

Based on the popular YAWP, it is a super simple and super powerful tool to create stunning animation with your preferred elements (such as icons or conditions).

Configure the Weather Plugin

Go to settings>Yawp and configure your city and other settings.

First of all, you will need an API Key from your account: it’s free and you can get it at

Once you have your key, just copy and paste it on the proper field.

Configuring Wallaboard Weather Plugin
Configuring Wallaboard Weather Plugin

Can I use custom icon set?

Yes you can. Unpack your icon set to plugins->yet-another-weather-plugin->images and rename your icons to match the name of the current icon for corresponding weather type. Note: your icons must have .png extension.

How do I embed Weather elements within my animations?

Here is a list of available shortcodes that you can embed in your custom Revolution Slider animation:

  1. [yawpdisplay condition=”temperature”] (i.e. “39° F”)
  2. [yawpdisplay condition=”conditions”] (i.e. “Cloudy”)
  3. [yawpdisplay condition=’icon’] (the absolute path to the weather icon)
  4. <img src=”[yawpdisplay condition=’icon’]” /> (a way to display the icon)

New shortcodes will be added soon.

Please write a comment to receive support on this plugin!

Illustration Designed by Freepik