Positively productive: 
How a digital signage display can improve communication in your work environment

As a fundamental prerequisite of a productive workplace, arranging and running internal communication takes quite some effort from the management. After all constant and strategic communication flow can lead to higher employer motivation, positive work dynamics, energizing company culture, gratifying co-worker collaborations, higher productivity and eventually higher revenues… especially with the benefits offered by digital signage solutions.

Effortlessly Coordinated

Thanks to the digital tools’ flexibility and screen’s visibility, communication flows managed through digital signage platforms can go either way: from the outside or from the inside, from the upper management or from the below, from the authoritative or from the informal sources.

Even though each office’s needs depend on the specific industry, it’s usually a good idea to keep up with the news – whether it’s the latest NPR story, Wall Street market update or the hottest Kardashian gossip. Thanks to feeds and data integration, a digital signage can stream contents from news portals and websites, social media feeds and other sources requiring updates in real-time. It really takes the effort to have one widget to add, like weather forecasts, rss updates, market stocks, upcoming events, announcements, etc.

Single digital screen, with multiples RSS feeds & widgets, used for internal communication. Image credit scala.com

The internal communication flow may seem like a more complex issue at the first sight, but digital integration could simplify the task.

For the upper management, a smart way to actually talk to the employees without appearing too formal is to share notifications and announcements (also from several departments) by simply choosing the digital signage communication channel. Messages could be customized by the tone of voice to better fit the corporate culture and speak the language of the audience. They could sound like “We have not achieved our monthly goals” and other times more like “Good job guys! Keep it up” – hopeful the need for the latter would come more often than the former.

Whichever the direction of communication flow is, a digital signage tool is the right instrument in order to ensure the message finds its destination in a cost-effective manner. No spam e-mails, no wasteful paper memos, no exhausted snails, pigeons or magic owls.

When the order in communication (and owl protection) matter. Image credit https://giphy.com/gifs/movie-harry-potter-other-SUAFlhUz4QLew

Sharing KPI’s about the company

Typical example of a digital board sharing KPI’s between employees in work environment.
Image credit: alternativeto.net

Though defining KPI’s that fit the company needs is difficult enough, sharing them with the company stakeholders in the right way is an arduous task. Do all the employees share the same understanding of the business objectives and the company vision? Do they all have the same grasp of the progress? Do they know when an extra level of commitment is needed to achieve a certain business goal?

The message like this itself is not easy to understand, so visual appeal and communication clarity cannot be overrated. Fortunately, even in WordPress there is an increasing number of tools, like WordPress Charts or Responsive Charts suitable for almost any need and capable of visualizing attractive charts from linear to pie charts or even maps and bubble charts.

Stimulating positive work environment

Image credits: mcsot.com

A loyal and committed workforce is proven to demonstrate an above-average productivity: engaged employees actually care about their work and their company, so they work harder to help the company reach its main goals.

So, a digital signage monitor showing internal metrics could not only keep track of the general progress, but also eventually recognize hard work of a single employee or a specific team to make them feel valued and boost their self-esteem, which has a huge impact on the performance.

The overall vibe in the workplace depends on more than keeping up with the business goals – the co-worker dynamics and the social aspects of work life matter immensely. Social participation can be encouraged with the help of digital signage used to promote social events, from formal corporate parties to informal picnics, that allow workforce to get together and create a healthy workplace atmosphere, boosting team’s happiness on top of performance results.

So, why not?

It’s clear that digital signage can invigorate the internal communication strategy, especially when the fit with the corporate culture and the industry specificity is right. It can provide the right information, get it delivered to the right place, and in the right time. Not to mention that it can help create a healthy and trusting work climate, using a simple but innovative approach.

There’s no reason why even the smallest but  forward-thinking business should not at least consider such a multifunctional fundamental instrument. After all thanks to tech progress  and market a range of  tools that helps develop a digital signage project is as wide as ever.